Any person or organization or group granted permission to use American Lobster Settlement Index (ALSI) data must agree to the following conditions:

  1. All information and data contributed to the ALSI data base remain the property of the collaborator responsible for the collection, not withstanding any access granted to individuals, groups or organizations for interpretation and analysis.
  2. If an ALSI partner intends to use data from outside their domain for an analysis they intend to publish in any form, they must first gain permission from the original source of the data.
  3. Users from outside the ALSI partnership must first make a data request to the ALSI data base administrator who will forward the request to the party in question.
  4. Users must acknowledge ALSI and the original source of data in any report or publication that refers to the data.
  5. The ALSI collaborative assumes no liability in connection with any use and/or interpretation of its data.