Funded Proposal and Reports

View2017ACCSPIncrease at-sea sampling levels for the recreational headboat fishery on the Atlantic coast (New Hampshire through Georgia)
View2017GAData Entry and Management of Commercial Fisheries Paper Trip Tickets in Georgia
View2017MANortheastern US Black Sea Bass Otolith Age Validation and Otolith Micro-Chemical Investigation using Marginal Increment Analysis and LA-ICP-MS
View2017MEFY17: Managing Mandatory Dealer Reporting in Maine
View2017MEPortside commercial catch sampling and comparative bycatch sampling for Atlantic herring, Atlantic mackerel and Atlantic Menhaden fisheries
View2017NJElectronic Reporting and Biological Characterization of New Jersey Commercial Fisheries
View2017RIMaintenance and Coordination of Fisheries Dependent Data Feeds to ACCSP from the State of Rhode Island
View2017SCACCSP Data Reporting from South Carolina’s Commercial Fisheries
View2017SEFSCContinued Processing and Aging of Biological Samples Collected from U.S. South Atlantic Commercial and Recreational Fisheries
View2017SEFSCEstimation of bycatch in the South Atlantic Snapper-Grouper fishery: A Comparison of Self-Reported Logbooks and On-Board Observers
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