Funded Proposal and Reports

View2014ACCSPIncrease at sea sampling levels for the recreational headboat fishery on the Atlantic coast (New Hampshire through Florida)
View2014ASMFCContinue carrying out an observer program for the Mid-Atlantic (New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia) and Rhode Island small mesh otter trawl fishery
View2014MAImplement a swipe card pilot project for Massachusetts trip level shellfish transactions
View2014MEContinue management of dealer and harvester reporting in Maine
View2014MEContinue portside commercial catch sampling and comparative bycatch sampling for Atlantic herring, Atlantic mackerel, and Atlantic menhaden
View2014NCAge and sex data collection of the North Carolina recreational and commercial fisheries
View2014NCCharacterization of finfish bycatch and discards (including protected species interactions) in the cobia hook-and-line fishery
View2014NCPilot study on bycatch and discards (including protected species) in the commercial skimmer trawl fishery of North Carolina
View2014NJContinue electronic reporting and biological characterization of New Jersey commercial fisheries
View2014NYImproving Trip-level Reporting and Quota Monitoring for New York Commercial Permit Holders
View2014RIMaintain and coordinate fishery-dependent data feeds to ACCSP from the state of Rhode Island
View2014SCContinue instituting a collection method for ACCSP commercial module in South Carolina
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