Funded Proposal and Reports

View2010ACCSPACCSP Adminstrative Grant
View2010ACCSPIncrease intercept sampling levels for the Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP), for-hire methodology of the charter boat and headboat fishery on the Atlantic Coast (New Hampshire through Florida).
View2010ACCSPProposal to Fund a Pilot Wave 1 Telephone Survey to Expand MRFSS/MRIP in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia
View2010ACCSPReducing Catch and Effort Variances for Important Managed Recreational Fisheries on the Atlantic Coast (New Hampshire through Georgia)
View2010MATrip-Level Reporting for all Massachusetts Commercial Permit Holders
View2010MEManaging Dealer and Harvester Reporting in Maine
View2010NCAge Sampling of the Commercial Snapper/Grouper Fishery in North Carolina and Age Structure of Black Sea Bass in the Commercial Snapper/Grouper Fishery
View2010NCNCDMF Fishery Observer Response Team pt. 1
View2010NJFurther Development of SAFIS and Biological Characterization of Commercial Fisheries in NJ
View2010NYContinuation and Expansion of Fishery Dependent Data Collection and Biological Sampling in the State of New York
View2010RIMaintenance and Coordination of Fisheries Dependent Data Feeds to ACCSP from the State of Rhode Island
View2010SCACCSP Commercial Module in South Carolina
View2010SCACCSP Sampling for Hard Part/Aging from South Carolina's Offshore Commercial Fisheries
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