Funded Proposal and Reports

View2007ACCSPAdministrative Grant
View2007ACCSPIncrease Intercept Sampling Levels for the MRFSS, For-Hire Methodology of the Charter Boat and Headboat Fishery on the Atlantic Coast (ME - FL)
View2007ACCSPIndependent Evaluation of Headboat Sampling Benchmark Study by the For-Hire Subcommittee
View2007ACCSPReducing Catch and Effort Variances for Important Managed Recreational Fisheries on the Atlantic Coast (ME - GA)
View2007MEImplementation of a Mandatory Dealer Reporting System for Maine Commercial Landings According to ACCSP Standards.
View2007MEPortside Bycatch Sampling and Commercial Catch Sampling of the Atlantic Herring (Clupea Harengus) and Atlantic Mackerel Fisheries (Scomber Scombrus) - Year 2
View2007NCConduct of Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Survey Random Digit Dialing, For-Hire Telephone calls, and Dockside Sampling in NC during Wave 1
View2007NCEstuarine Bycatch Assessment in NC Commercial Fisheries
View2007NJImplementation of Electronic Vessel Trip Reporting, Biological Characterization, and Continuance of the Standard Atlantic Information System Coordination
View2007NMFS NERTravel Support for ACCSP Committees and Projects by the NMFS NERO and Center
View2007NYContinuation and Expansion of the New York State Fishery Dependent Data Collection and Continuation and Expansion of New York State Biological Sampling
View2007NYDevelopment and Deployment of a Prototype Reporting Compliance and Quota Monitoring Toolbox
View2007RICoordination and Development of Fisheries Dependent Data Feeds to ACCSP
View2007SCContinuation of Sampling for Hard Part/Aging from the Commercial Fishery for Snapper/Grouper Complex
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