Funded Proposal and Reports

View2006ACCSPAdministrative Grant
View2006ACCSPExternal Program Review of the ACCSP
View2006ACCSPIncrease Sampling levels for the MRFSS For-Hire Methodology of the Charter and Headboat Fishery on the Atlantic Coast
View2006ACCSPReducing Variances for Important Managed Recreational Fisheries on the Atlantic Coast (ME-GA)
View2006DEInitiating State Dealer Reporting in Delaware
View2006GACooperative Survey Utilizing Commercial and Recreational Fishers to Evaluate Catch, Effort, Bycatch, and Biological Information in the Blue Crab Fishery
View2006MDConsolidation of Maryland's Biological Sampling Data for Inclusion in the ACCSP Biological Module
View2006MEMandatory Dealer Reporting
View2006MEPortside Bycatch Sampling and Commercial Catch Sampling of the Atlantic Herring and Mackerel Fisheries
View2006NCConduct of MRFSS Random Digit Dialing and For-Hire Telephone Calls
View2006NCData Maintenance and Coordination for Fish Dealer Electronic Reporting
View2006NCSocioeconomic Analysis of Commercial Fisheries of Core Sound Area, NC - A Longitudinal Follow-Up
View2006NHFinal ACCSP Implementation for Dealers and Harvesters and Metadata
View2006NJBiological Characterization of Four Commercial Fisheries
View2006NJContinuance of Phase 2 of ACCSP
View2006NMFS NERElectronic Vessel Reporting by Offshore Lobster Fleet
View2006NYContinuation and Expansion of Fishery Dependent Data Collection and the Biological Sampling Program
View2006RIContinuation of SAFIS and Finfish Logbook
View2006SCContinuation of ACCSP Commercial Module
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