Funded Proposal and Reports

View2005ACCSPAdministrative Grant
View2005ACCSPFor-Hire Sampling
View2005MAElectronic Dealer Reporting
View2005MDTrip Ticket System and Commercial Implementation of SAFIS in Maryland Commercial Fisheries
View2005MECommercial Catch Sampling and Bycatch Survey
View2005MEDealer Reporting
View2005NCData Maintenance and Coordination
View2005NCWave 1 Telephone Sampling
View2005NHDealer and Harvester Reporting
View2005NJACCSP Implementation
View2005NJWeb Based Reporting Bonus Fish
View2005NMFS HQLongitudinal Study of Recreational Fishing households in NJ
View2005NMFS NERElectronic VTR
View2005NMFS NERTravel Support
View2005NYData Collection and Biological Sampling Program
View2005RIACCSP Implementation
View2005SEFSCTRIP Evaluation
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2005Budget SpreadsheetDownload
2005Project SummariesDownload
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