Funded Proposal and Reports

View2004ACCSPAdministrative Grant
View2004ACCSPFor-Hire Sampling
View2004ACCSPIncrease Sampling Levels for MRFSS Shore PR Boast Fishery on the Atlantic Coast
View2004GAElectronic Data Submission Software
View2004GALicense and Boat Registration
View2004MAElectronic Dealer Reporting
View2004MDSAFIS Year 2
View2004MDTrip Ticket Year 4
View2004MEDealer Reporting
View2004MEHerring Commercial Catch Sampling and Bycatch Survey
View2004NCSnapper Grouper
View2004NHElectronic Reporting
View2004NMFS NERCoordination and Travel
View2004NMFS NERRoving Sampler Program
View2004RIACCSP Implementation
View2004SCSnapper Grouper
View2004SEFSCSnapper Grouper Complex Sampling (with SEFSC, GA, FL, NC, and SC)
View2004VACommercial Harvesting Catch and Effort Databases
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2004Project SummariesDownload
2004Budget SpreadsheetDownload
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