Funded Proposal and Reports

View1999NMFS NERCommercial Harvesters Pilot Study
View1999NMFS NERDealer Data Validation
View1999NMFS NERTravel Assistance
View1999NMFS NERVTR To Logbook Comparison
View2000NMFS NERFinalization of Quota Monitoring Requirements and Development and Implementation of a Regional IVR System
View2000NMFS NERSoftware Assistance for Seafood Dealers
View2001NMFS NERACCSP Coordinator
View2001NMFS NERCooperative Dealer / NMFS Biological Sampling
View2001NMFS NERRedesign of Quahog / Surf Clam Data System (with MAFMC)
View2001NMFS NERSocio-Economic Pilot Continuation (Joint with GA)
View2002NMFS NERACCSP Coordinator
View2002NMFS NERBiological Sampling of Horseshoe Crabs and Spanish Mackerel (with NMFS SERO and VA)
View2002NMFS NERCooperative Dealer / NMFS Biological Sampling
View2002NMFS NERLinking NMFS Dealer and Fisherman Reports
View2002NMFS NERSocio-Economic Pilot Study Continuation
View2003NMFS NERExpansion and Upgrade of Dock-side Fishery-dependent Biological Sampling
View2003NMFS NERTravel Support
View2004NMFS NERCoordination and Travel
View2004NMFS NERRoving Sampler Program
View2005NMFS NERElectronic VTR
View2005NMFS NERTravel Support
View2006NMFS NERElectronic Vessel Reporting by Offshore Lobster Fleet
View2007NMFS NERTravel Support for ACCSP Committees and Projects by the NMFS NERO and Center
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