Funded Proposal and Reports

View2000NCTrip Ticket Uploading
View2001NCMetadata Collection and Management
View2001NCRecreational Commercial Gear Use Pilot Survey
View2002NCMetadata Collection and Management
View2002NCRecreational Use of Commercial Gear Pilot Survey
View2003NCElectronic Data Submission for Monitoring Fisheries Quotas
View2003NCMetadata Collection and Management
View2003NCSampling of the Commercial Snapper Grouper Complex and Pelagic Fishes
View2004NCSnapper Grouper
View2005NCData Maintenance and Coordination
View2005NCWave 1 Telephone Sampling
View2006NCConduct of MRFSS Random Digit Dialing and For-Hire Telephone Calls
View2006NCData Maintenance and Coordination for Fish Dealer Electronic Reporting
View2006NCSocioeconomic Analysis of Commercial Fisheries of Core Sound Area, NC - A Longitudinal Follow-Up
View2007NCConduct of Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Survey Random Digit Dialing, For-Hire Telephone calls, and Dockside Sampling in NC during Wave 1
View2007NCEstuarine Bycatch Assessment in NC Commercial Fisheries
View2008NCConduct of MRFSS Random Digit Dialing, For-Hire Telephone Calls, and Dockside Sampling in NC during Wave 1 - Year 4
View2009NCNorth Carolina Estuarine Gillnet Biological and Bycatch Assessment
View2010NCAge Sampling of the Commercial Snapper/Grouper Fishery in North Carolina and Age Structure of Black Sea Bass in the Commercial Snapper/Grouper Fishery
View2010NCNCDMF Fishery Observer Response Team pt. 1
View2012NCUpdate Angler Contact Information for Grandfathered Lifetime License Holders in North Carolina
View2014NCAge and sex data collection of the North Carolina recreational and commercial fisheries
View2014NCCharacterization of finfish bycatch and discards (including protected species interactions) in the cobia hook-and-line fishery
View2014NCPilot study on bycatch and discards (including protected species) in the commercial skimmer trawl fishery of North Carolina
View2015NCUpdate and Enhance ACCSP Data Transmission Methods for North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries
View2019NCAn Updated Economic and Social Analysis of the Commercial Seafood Dealers of North Carolina
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