Funded Proposal and Reports

View1999FLComparison of Florida Trip Tickets to SEFSC Logbooks (Joint project with NMFS SEFSC)
View1999FLData Management Verification Mailings
View1999GAImplementation of Georgia's Commercial Trip Ticket
View1999MALobster OCR Data Collection Program
View1999NMFS NERCommercial Harvesters Pilot Study
View1999NMFS NERDealer Data Validation
View1999NMFS NERVTR To Logbook Comparison
View1999SEFSCComparison to Florida Trip Ticket Data and SEFSC Logbook (with FL)
View2000NCTrip Ticket Uploading
View2000NMFS NERFinalization of Quota Monitoring Requirements and Development and Implementation of a Regional IVR System
View2000NMFS NERSoftware Assistance for Seafood Dealers
View2000RIImplementation of ACCSP
View2000VAMandatory Data Reporting
View2001MDExpansion of Pilot Trip Ticket System
View2001MEElectronic Data Collection in the Shellfish Industry
View2001NJIntegration of Commercial Harvest Data into the ACCSP
View2001NMFS HQACCSP Data Reconciliation, Quality Assurance, Quality Control Programs (with FL, NC, SEFSC, NEFSC)
View2001NMFS HQState-Federal Vessel Registration and Numbering System (with NEFSC, SEFSC, FL, and NC)
View2001NMFS NERRedesign of Quahog / Surf Clam Data System (with MAFMC)
View2001NYAttainment of ACCSP Standards for Commercial Fisheries (with Cornell)
View2001RIImplementation of the ACCSP Continuation
View2001SCImplementation of ACCSP Commercial Module
View2002ASMFCAmerican Lobster Stock Assessment Database
View2002MDElectronic Data Collection in the Commercial Striped Bass Fishery
View2002MDExpansion of Pilot Trip Ticket System, Year 2
View2002NMFS NERLinking NMFS Dealer and Fisherman Reports
View2002NYImplementation of Fishery Dependent Data Collection Program and Development of Biological Sampling (with NEFSC and Cornell)
View2002RIACCSP Implementation, Phase 2
View2003CTUpgrading Commercial Fisheries Data Collection Program and Data Management System to ACCSP Standards
View2003MDExpansion of Pilot Trip Ticket System, Year 3